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Where Did We Go?

We took three months, and drove from Austin, Texas to near the border of Costa Rica and Panama. The truck was sold there, we took busses throughout Panama, and flew back to the States February 1, 2006.

These are our travel journals we published for friends, family, and you! They are in chronological order.

Our goal is to help others with their travel plans — because when you're not traveling, thinking about traveling is the second best thing.

You will see that you can make this trip for relatively little money. The most expensive thing is your time.

Over winter 2008/09 these journals are being rewritten with a "how to do this trip" focus.

If you have any questions, please join and post in our Latin America driving travel forum.

Mexico Travel Journals

Trip In, Kino

Start in TX, drive to AZ, head down into Mexico

Lake Huites, Choix

First fishing lake where we met new friends - some great Mexican fishermen.

Mazatlan, Offshore

Took the jon boat offshore looking for sailfish.

Lake El Salto, Cosala

Fish the legendary trophy bass lake, stayed with the Chapmans at the famous Angler's Inn.

Maz 2, Lake Agua Milpa

Back to the city for a couple of days, off to another beautiful lake.

Puerta Vallarta

A tourist beach town for some late-night club going.

Puerto Escondido

Caught a surfing tournament, more tourists in this laid back town.

Puerto Angel

Went trolling offshore again in this cosmic hippie town that proved too laid back.

Belize Travel Journals

Orange Walk & Lamanai

Boated down the New River to the ruins of Lamanai, and Robert gets a bad haircut.


Picked up a Rasta friend, found a cabana in this idyllic beach peninsula, and went 30 miles offshore in the boat.

Placencia II

Recovered from too much partying, partied some more, and got in a fight.

San Ignacio, Falls

Left Placencia at 2am, drove all night, went to a waterfall.

Caracol Ruins, Caves

Stunning ruins that you need private transportation to reach. Completely worth a trip to Belize.

Belize Part II

We flew out of Panama and back to Belize for one week before going home.

San Pedro

Main caye is touristy, mature, and was very quiet.

Caye Caulker

Smaller caye is touristy, backpackery, and quiet.

Belize City

The wrap up of a great trip.

Guatemala Travel Journals

Flores and Tikal Ruins

Island town of Flores and the famous Tikal.

Rio Dulce

Drove to a hot waterfall, picked up a group.


Boated down the river to a hot spring upwelling in the river, saw Carrib town.

Antigua & Pacaya Volcano

Climbed an active volcano and saw the cone. See the videos.


Guatemala, continued

Panajachel & San Pedro

Set up camp in Pana, saw the party town of San Pedro.

Panajachel II

Bought tons of fireworks, including some so big you won't believe it.

Monterico Beach

Black sand beach relaxing.

Pacific Sailfishing

Caught 3 sailfish, 9+ mahi. Videos!

Panajachel Xmas (III)

Cooked the mahi for huge group, celebrated Xmas with our new friends.

Honduras Travel Journals

Border Crossing

Had to sleep in the truck.


Robert learns to dive, celebrate New Years with more fireworks.

Lake Yojoa

Former trophy bass lake is now tilapia farm.

Nicaragua Travel Journals


Colonial town on the shore of Lake Nicaragua, where there are bull shark.

San Juan del Sur

Beach town, great restaurants.

Lake Apoyo

Outside of Granada, this lake is well worth the trip.

Costa Rica Travel Journals

Playa Coco

Trees grow on beach. Odd!

La Fortuna

Near Arenal volcano, + hot spring resorts.

San Jose

Capital has traffic, hookers and gambling.

Puerto Viejo

Surfing town was rainy, but cool.

Quepos Sailfishing

More sails, more mahi.

Golfito and Zacundo

Beach town lost in the jungle. Sold the truck.

Panama Travel Journals

City and Panama Canal

Modern Panama was a welcome few days.

Free Zone Shopping and Taboga Island

Day trips to enormous free trade zone, and an island for eating, snorkeling, hiking. Great views.

Trip Videos

We took bits of video on the trip. You can also check the video vault for links to all the videos.


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