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Puerta Vallarta

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After we left Brooks for his journey inland, we drove a couple hundred miles to Puerto Vallarta.

In PV, we had a little trouble finding a cheap hotel, but finally decided on the Hotel Hortencia, which was around $40 a night. It’s right downtown, just south of the river. The owners were super cool and friendly.

The scene in PV is touristy. We were there Sunday to Wednesday, so there weren’t too many tourists, and certainly few Americans. And anyone cute was part of a couple. Maybe that made sense, it was the middle of November.

On the main strip we found the “Paradise Burger” bar, and scored a great balcony view of the street. Our waiter was hilarious, and we honed our Spanish skills with him.

They had buckets of Coronitas (8 ounces) on special, but we told him since we were Texans, we needed full size coronas, and that surely the sign had advertised full size. He told us to wait – and he and his friend reappeared with the 8 foot tall sign from the front entrance. They plugged it in, too, so it could start flashing. We all got a big kick out of it.

No fishing, and in the morning we headed for Puerto Escondido, which the hotel guys say is 22 hours from here. Surely not!

Well, he wasn't kidding. 30 hours later, we made it to Puerto Escondido.

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