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Truckless in Costa Rica

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Is that a chicken bus rounding the corner?

Yup, we've sold the truck.

We left Quepos on the high of catching some good sailfish and made our way for Golfito, a couple hours down the coast.

Golfito was once the home to major shipping and one of the fruit companies, but now it's little more than a free-trade zone and sail fishing mecca.

Checked out the Banana Bay Marina in town. Plenty of nice boats and a fair bar and restaurant. They’ve got internet, but it’s $3 an hour. The Hotel Golfito down the road has it for half that. People were catching lots of sailfish there, on flies, on ballyhoo, and plastics. Some dorado.

Didn’t stick around too long in town, but decided to move down the beach to Zacundo, out on the beach.

There are two beaches in the area, both are fairly remote. Zacundo is more relaxed, a hippie, Grateful Dead sorta vibe. The surfer beach is Pavones, about an hour from each other.

Stayed the first night at the Sol y Mar, in a cabina for $20. Cool restaurant and bar, book exchange. Allows camping. Another was the Oasis, little more upscale. 8 + for plates. Rooms 50-60 a night. Nice 2nd floor deck.

Met a couple from Texas at the Sol y Mar that are building a house, and they were interested in buying the rig. Next day they followed through. Hung out with them and their friends that night, had a fun send-off fish cooking.

Now that the truck is sold, we're off to Panama, by bus. Hope to rent some motorcycles, see the canal, check out some black marlin fishing.

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