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San Ignacio, Cayo District, West Belize

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San Ignacio is a bustling little town, not to big but active.

Big Rock Waterfall, San Ignacio Belize

Stopped in to the Misty Mountain bar on the way to the waterfall to escape some rain. Run by a tranquil expat named Mick from California, his wife, and their new baby boy. Warmed ourselves by the fire and talked with Mick about the area and life abroad.

The rain let up and we went into the Pine Ridge forest. Tell them you’re going to the lodges and you don’t have to pay. We checked out the lodges, they are incredible, and pricey. We mulled consumerism over some Belliken beers, and hoped that Guatemala would have cheaper beers.

Found the Big Rock waterfall down the road. There's a swimming hole at the pool beneath the falls. The wind rips over the falls, we climbed around the side of them to get a close look and it was like a rainstorm, the rain coming in sideways.

Made it back to town after dark, and found some Sri Lankan food, a nice change of pace.

Back at the hotel we met a woman that works with a Central American fisheries management agency. She works with the New River, the river in Orange Walk where we stayed.

We told her all about bass fishing, and fish management. She told us she'd take some of our ideas to the minister, and we'll be in touch with her again when we start our bass fishing consulting firm.

To round out the night, we flipped on the tube and watched Friday Night Lights, the movie about Texas high school football, in English! We're rarely around a TV, and when we are it's in Spanish, so it was a nice relaxing way to end the evening, thinking about Texas.

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