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Other Wild Trips

Over the years, many trips have been taken by the various members of the group. Some of them include:

Yucatan Peninsula, Summer 2000

The trip that started the revolution, Carl, Kyle and Ben drove 57 straight hours to the national biosphere reserve near Tulum. Their sandals got stolen. A week and a half later, they drove 57 straight hours back to Port Mansfield, Texas, had dinner, and went fishing.

Lessons: Pack light, forget cooking, restaurants are cheap.

Florida Keys, Summer 2001

Ben, Bird, and Carl drove 26 straight hours — directly after taking final exams at University of Texas — to Key Largo, Florida. They met Kyle, who'd driven down the week before.

The guys stayed at Pennakamp State Park in Key Largo for most of the time (great) then headed to Key West (overrated), and stayed a few days on Geiger Key (awesome).

A feast of a dozen spiny lobster was cooked. Many grouper were waylayed by the spearguns. Then the group went to Panama City Beach to join Ben's family reunion, and cooked enough grouper to feed an army.

Lessons: Taking your own boat rules.

Solo Mexico, Summer 2002

Kyle got itchy feet during law school, and decided to take a trip to Mexico solo-style. He jumped on a bus and made his way around the country. Unfortunately, he drank the water, and came down with typhoid, Montezuma's Revenge, or something equally terrible. A kind Mexican family took him in after he wound up on their lawn, got him to a hospital, and he recovered quickly.

Lessons: Don't drink the water. That counts for in the shower, too.

Texas to Panama , Fall 2005-6

AKA "The Big One", this three month trip was the motivation for this site.

Lessons: You'll get a lot of gear stolen out of the bed of a pickup.

Getting an RV, Summer 2006

Kyle and Robert drove from Texas to Arizona to pick up an RV Kyle bought off ebay. It was long and hot (110 F+).

Lessons: People in rural NM and AZ are a little "off". I think it's the heat.

Solo Guatemala, Fall 2006

Robert flew down (sacrilege!) to meet Jon in Panajachel and spend a couple of weeks. Also bussed up to San Christobal, Mexico (Chiapas) for a few days.

Lessons: Travel more. I'd already forgot how much I missed Guatemala.

Mexico, New Year 2007

Robert flew again to Mexico City (awesome) and he and the Panajachel crew met, then bussed down to Isla Mujeres (island off of Cancun) over 3 weeks during the Christmas 2006 / New Years 2007 time.

Guatemala Driving 2007

Robert, Kyle, Katie, and Troy jumped in the Toyota 4Runner and drove back to Panajachel, Guatemala over a month in September, 2007. Troy had decided to move down to Pana, and we were his escort.

Guate Flying 2008

Robert spent Januaray of 2008 travelling in and around Guatemala by local transport. He flew back to the States just in time for Kyle and Katie's marriage!

Mexico Bass Fishing

Kyle and Robert are currently planning to head back to Huites, El Salto, and Guerrerro lakes for some bass fishing adventures. Stay tuned for 2009 Bass Adventure!

New Ideas

Robert's decided to put up a new site called Road Neighbors.

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