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Placencia Peninsula Part II

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When we got to Placencia, we paid for a whole week, and got one day free. This sounded like a great idea at the time because the town was fun and the reef was close, but unfortunately the weather turned a little sour and we were landlocked for the last few days.

Began spending more time at the Sugar Reef bar, which is at the far end of town. Run by two expats, and owned by a couple of British ladies, it's beautiful but hot. In that kind of clime there should be a fan for every table. We met a dog that liked to jump in the lagoon and swim over, bringing a stick and wimpering if you wouldn't throw it. That lasted a while until his fleas waged war on us.

Saw our sailing friends quite a few more times. Small place, if you're out walking around, you'll run into everyone.

As the weather moved in, the town felt different. Had we overstayed our welcome? Were the locals tiring of our shennanigans? Who knows, it was probably the weather.

So it got rainy. And then the seas came up to 3-4 foot swells, which isn't terrible, but in a 15 foot Jon boat is impossible. White caps, etc.

The party doesn't happen in Placencia during the week. In fact, nothing happens during the week. So we laid low, and licked our wounds from the pounding we received by the ocean on Sunday.

Finally, Thursday rolled around, and we all went out to the Tipsy Tuna. It was karaoke night, and we did our best Willie Nelson impersonation and sang "On the Road Again". It was hilarious.

Kyle ran into some people he went to law school with, down there to get married! That was amazing.

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