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Taking a Boat to Livingston

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We woke up and put the boat in after the Backpacker's party, and ran down to Livingston by boat, about 35 miles down.

On the way there, we stopped at a hot spring upwelling. Kyle jumped in naked because we were the only ones there; three tourist boats promptly showed up.

In Livingston we found the Casa Rosada, run by a Beligium woman and a local. Nice cabanas, and we stayed there. It is on the water, and we tied our boat right out front!

Found our group of friends, found their hotels, and had some beers on the porch, and met another Irish, Mags.

There's a Garifuna bar in town, and we descended our group there. Lots of dancing, Declan played the maracas, and we started an arm wrestling competiton.

After all that, went to a late night place and found some dancing. Declan teased a tranny, and we all had a good laugh.

Next morning, rendezvoused back at our place with everyone for breakfast, said goodbye to everyone else, and the three of us plus Mags made tracks back for Rio Dulce.

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