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Panajachel, Part Deux

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Back in Pana, we recouperated.

The next night was Richard and Sylvia's party, two very nice expats that we met at Grant and Sue's the week before.

They enjoy touring through Europe on motorcycles in the summers, and spend the winters in a beautiful house overlooking Atitlan.

We spoke with Richard at great length about bikes and touring, and he's given us very useful advice for whenever we get a motorcycle trip together.

The party was a lot of fun, Elyse got to meet Santa Claus, and at the end of the night the ol' Chevy ferried a few of the guests back to town.

The next day we checked out Marion's hotel, saw the peacocks, bats, banana trees, coffee, cotton, papaya, etc etc that she has growing. A stunning garden.

Then it was time for the fireworks. Met Mike and the fam and Jon at the coffee shop, and we went around the corner to the wholesale upstairs fireworks shop. This was a totally new experience. An attic full of the biggest and coolest firecrackers imaginable. And cheap! The 50 meter roll of blackcats was only $30. That's 16,000 firecrackers.

Got loaded up and hit the beach. Blew up stuff and put on a hell of a show for everyone. We even tied in those really giant firecrackers into the 50m strip so that the 10 minutes of popping was punctuated with enormous booms. Great, great fun.

Next morning was go time -- making tracks for the Pacific and the sailfishing.

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