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Funny & Crazy Travel Videos

We took these short videos all with a Canon Powershot digital camera. For the next trip, we're looking at a Canon miniDV camcorder. If you have suggestions, please let us know in the forum!

Guatemala Trip October 2006 (New!):

Ferrris wheel of death (day).

Procession of St Francis.

Blowing up fireworks for St Frank.

Enormous mortar shells.

Weird costumed dance. That's all I know.

Fair at night panorama + Ferris wheel of death.

Crazy rockets on wires.

Fireworks and Guate safety standards.

The Bull de Fuego (unlit).

Bull (and drunks battling it).

Bull exploding.

Bull and crowd.

When it rains, it pours. Then the streets flood.

Mexico Bass Fishing

Huites - "That's What I'm Talking About, Baby!"

Huites - "In and Out"

Huites - "Hung Monster" - Part II

Huites - River Running

Huites - Ben "Un Basso"

Huites - Whatcha Got There?

El Salto - Barbara's Monster Bass

Salto - Gun Control

Salto - Kyle's Bass

Salto - Robert and Kyle

Mazatlan Wildlife Calls

Moving on Down The Highway


Lamanai Mayan Ruins - Belize Monkeys

Lamanai River - Part 1 - Part 2

Caracol Mayan Ruins - Leaf Cutter Ants

Dangriga Caye Approach

Guatemala Mish-Mash

Tikal Ruins - Howler Monkeys (Awesome!)

Guatemala - Panajachel's Giant Fireworks

Rio Dulce River Run

Guatemala - Rio Dulce Cast Net Thrower

Guatemala - Rio Dulce Hot Waterfall Jumper

Guatemala - Pacaya Volcano - Guide Throws Little Rock

Guatemala - Pacaya Volcano - Kyle Throws Huge Rock

Guatemala - Pacaya Volcano - Explosion

Offshore Sailfishing in Guatemala

Ben's Jumping Dolphin

Ben's Crazy Dolphin in The Boat

Kyle's Dolphin Taking Drag

Kyle's 45# Dolphin

Ben's Sail Distance Jump

Ben's Sailfish Jump by Boat

How to Fight a Sailfish, With Kyle Walker - Part 1 - Part 2

Ben's Sail Jump at Boat Part 2

Trip Back Through Harbor

Sailfishing In Quepos, Costa Rica

Our Captain's Awesome Music

A Free Swimming Sail

First Jump

A Close Jump

A Closer Jump

Releasing the Sail

That's How You Reel (Part I)

Perfect Angling, With Kyle Walker (Part II)

If You Weren't Yet Convinced (Part III)


American Chopper in Spanish

Machete Guy in Downtown

Canal Locks Opening

Canal Boat Moving

Tabago Island Peacock

Tabago Island Lookout - Boats Wait for Canal

Tabago Island 360

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