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Laguna Apoyo and the Monkey Hut

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canoe at monkey hutthe monkey hutdock at monkey hut

Next day we’d planned on leaving, but decided after that to go out to Laguna Apoyo with Will and Monique, and then picked up the Swede group of 5. Astrid (german) Joahan, Fredrich, Mikela and Kina. They were a mixed bag at first – I’d talked with Astrid some bit one night, but not the rest. However we all warmed up.

The lake was great. There’s a swimming dock, lodge, bar, kayaks, tubing, etc, etc. Entry is $5, beers are about $1.

Stayed there partying on the dock and had a great time. Went back to the town and went to get some food at a Thai place. Saw the guy making cigars. Partied at the monkey.

Met Sarah the bartender that morning for coffee. We all went down to the square. It was OK. She thought about making the border run with us, but decided at the last minute she wouldn’t have the time. Ah well. We told her she’ll have to be our videographer for our fishing trip. She’s committed to it in theory. She’s funny.

Left the Monkey with our group of the swede girls, Monique and Will, and got moving. Should have known then and there that this group was going to slow us down, big time. Took forever to get out of town.

And with that, we were Costa Rica bound, baby!

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