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Last Trip: Countries: 9 - Miles: 10125

Websites We Used and Recommend

If you've got a site for us, please let us know.

Lonely Planet - The "thorn tree" forum has up to date info.

VW Vagabonds - Couple that's driven all over in a VW Bus.

Drive Me Loco - Drove to Panama in 1995.

Adventure Tours - has maps of each country, other info.

Driving The Pan American Highway - Ebook from escapeartist.com. Supposedly is outdated, not very good.

About.com Guide to Central America - Has article about driving, others.

CDC Malaria Info - US Center for Disease Control

Good Time Bob - Good info about Guatemala. Lots of pics and links.

Family trip to belize - on belize forums.com (might be a good site, i dunno)


Salt Fishing

Panama Fishing

Belize Destinations - Fishing and locations

Fishing for Snook - Tips. They act like bass.

Belize Fishing - PR Flyfishing - fly, lure, and season info

Belize fishing seasons - travelbelize.org

Belize by Horace - guy and a boat. (09-15-05)


Freshwater Fishing

This One - talks about the introduction of bass in the 50s to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and the decimation of the local fish and a variety of bird that is now extinct in the area. Mentions the hope for tourism that never materialized based on fishing. Says that 10-20# largemouths exist and are spearfished by some tourists, that locals eat and catch a lot of perch (also introduced, but later)

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