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Hey folks,

Getting pretty anxious up here in Canada, leaving right after Christmas on our 4.5 month adventure!! I'll definitely be checking in here periodically from the road, posting where we're at, any issues we've had, etc. Driving from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, west to British columbia, down the coast to California, and then straight down into Central America!!

I was hoping some one here could share some info on Costa Rica. I'd read on here previously that Costa Rica allowed you to enter with a vehicle and leave without it, provided you were coming back within a certain time period to reclaim it. We're planning on driving that far, putting the car in storage, continuing briefly down in S. America & then flying back to Costa Rica, getting the car & driving home at the end of the trip. If anyone has specific info on this & is willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone had info on possible storage areas for the car where it would be secure, even better : )