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Camping in Central America

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My husband and I are planning a trip to from the NE of the US to Panama. We have a VW Eurovan camper and would like to spend most of our time in parks and camping at night. I spent 6 months in Central America in 1998 and did a bit of camping in Hondorus, but, most of the time I was in cheap hotels and hostels. Are there many campgrounds, National parks or other public parks in Central America where camping is permitted? What are the facilities like? How much do they cost? Do you need 4WD to travel to the parks (because we don't have it)?

Does anyone have any opinion on taking a Eurovan to Central America? Are parts availalbe, will police target us, will we stick out like a soar thumb? I heard there were a lot of VWs in Mexico, but not sure if they are camper vans.

Thanks very much for any information you can provide.

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Camping is not widely

Camping is not widely available in the sense that Americans think of it. However, there is "camping" to be done where you can work out a deal with someone that owns a lot, or in the back of someone's house, etc where you can park and "camp".

there is a book called "mexican camping" that might help, though may be very outdated. And of course it's just mexico!

VW parts may be available, but I wouldn't risk too much. If you'll be driving back through the states on your return trip, I would advise buying some spare parts that you can return when you get back. At the very least, have a mechanic look it over and give opinions. Things like water pumps, starters, and especially fuel filters should be considered. We changed MANY fuel filters on one trip. However on another trip we didn't have any problems.

You dont' need 4x4.